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  Krishna Nagar, Preet Nagar, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 134003

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Dialysis facility(24X7) now in Ambala

No need of rush to other cities. It’s near to your home now.

It replicates a normal kidney’s functions. This is used for the treatment of chronic kidney disease because kidney is incapable of performing all kinds of functions. The choice between hemo or peritoneal dialysis is influenced by a number of considerations such as availability, convenience, underlying medical problems home situation, and age.This choice is best made by discussing the risks and benefits of each type of dialysis with your concerned doctor and his support staff.


When to start dialysis?

It is recommended that dialysis begin well before kidneys disease has advanced to the point where life threatening complications affecting the brain, heart and lungs occur. If one starts dialysis very late, than the quality of life is not significantly improved even after receiving regular dialysis.


Bathe before every dialysis

Adhere to medicines and dialysis schedule

Follow diet plan, take high protein diet as advised

Limit fluid and salt intake as advised

Adhere to vaccination schedule as advised

Report to doctor if any unexpected symptom occurs

Consult your doctor before travelling

Exercise regularly as advised


Self medicate

Use Homeopathic and Ayurvedic medicines

Take injections and BP monitoring in fistula arm

Consume high phosphorus and high potassium food

Allow too much weight gain

Wear tight clothing on access arm

Use access arm as pillow

Skip medicines or dialysis schedule

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